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What is the meaning of kiosks?

Release Date:2019-03-30 13:03:20
 Kiosks simple said is securities, Banks, railway stations, airports and other places, to provide customers or passengers, let the customer or passengers to their operation, do not need to let the shop assistant or a waiter to assist can complete the transfer formalities such as computer network equipment or to buy tickets.
Self-service terminal based on "self service 24 hours a day" is the system design idea, can alleviate the traditional puts forward the problems of the traffic was too much make up for the lack of original business hours, to avoid the trouble of customers in the business hall to handle business, make customers feel easy, convenient and considerate service. Business hall self-service terminal is extension and complement of brokerage services.
Accounts in financial industry users can query, self-help transfer, print statements, repair, self-help report the loss of business is dealt with;
In the communications industry users self-service through terminal input telephone number, can deal with mobile phone stopped (complex) machine, as bills query print, payment, invoice printing, caller id, GPRS and other basic business park is dealt with;
Can also buy mobile phone card, password top-up slip. Through value-added development, also can form a complete set of equipment purchase for their goods and other value-added services.
This equipment has the save personnel expenses, reduce the operating cost, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation etc, can be placed in the telecommunications business hall, and collection charges, station, wharf, airport, shopping malls and other public places.

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