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kiosks : What functions do we have?

Release Date:2018-11-12 22:11:04
 What are the features kiosks background? Self-service terminals back-office functions that we need to know the routine maintenance of common sense, so for us to be able to maintain play the best results, then the kiosk What's the background, then you introduce the next hearing Covey: (1) System Management: This module functions as a system administrator management, rights management, equipment management system upgrade. Specific functions are divided into: Administrator login, logout administrator, operator management, change passwords, rights management and exit system, parameter download, function module switch, terminal, switch status, hardware detection and remote terminal software upgrade. (2) rights management: you can manage the terminal is turned on or suspend all transact business, or opening or pause upon one or several business units of a terminal. (3) Equipment Management: This module function is to carry the terminal registration in order to ensure proper communication terminal, the transmission of information security. Function is divided into: equipment maintenance, equipment maintenance type. (4) Business query statistics: This module is a record of historical inquiry and the handling and Vending user transactions, etc., query support for multiple search criteria. Specific functions are divided into: business details, user transaction history, payment information reporting, business reporting and handling Vending records. (5) Chart Analysis: This module is designed for administrators and statistics. Analysis charts can be year, month, day time period within the range of automatic diagramming, charts and histograms can generate a line chart. Functions are divided into: date traffic chart, analysis chart. (6) Transaction Management: The main purpose of checking the user required for the transaction, Reversal, operations management and other functions performed. Functions are divided into: cash check, Reversal, automatic recovery, reconciliation system function, unusual transactions processing.