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Self-help payment terminal market analysis

Release Date:2018-11-12 22:11:29
 On the basis of the successful experience of foreign top-up self-help payment terminals, 7 million terminals in the United States, Japan, 5 million terminal, Russia 200000 multimedia kiosks volume of $23 billion. Based on China's population and the rapid advance of digital process, city life convenient rapidly expanding demand of urban residents, convenient self-service terminal industry has just started, the market prospect and huge potential for development.
Self-help payment terminal is the development trend of urban life; China's densely populated cities, higher than that of foreign cities, some of the life must pay the financial behavior, such as water, electricity, gas, phone, transportation, public transportation card prepaid phone, transfer payments, and is going to pay in a variety of units, have a plenty of to the bank or postal savings as acting capture window. But the Banks operating time is limited, large work authorization process trival, caused citizens pay contributions are many problems such as difficult, for the convenience of the emergence of self-service terminal already solved the problem of the citizens pay cost.
Whether online website or fall to the ground terminal, we all stood in the perspective of content integrator, strive to build very rich content. Now we have covered all the content of the daily life needs.
Prepaid phone software and the background of self-help payment terminal has a strong research and development ability, no matter from the hardware device, the core system or database, adopted the advanced technology to protect the security of our operation.