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self-service terminal industry country wide prospect of market

Release Date:2018-11-12 19:11:29
 From a global perspective, self-service terminal products have begun to mass into numerous consumer and social services, involving the zero, tourism, telecommunications, medical, gaming, government affairs, fast food, postal service, conference and exhibition, museum, insurance, entertainment, education and so on more than 20 industries. With the rapid development of bank, telecom industry, the rapid construction of outlets, as well as the main industry services, constantly improve the level of information construction, for the demand of kiosks are rapidly increasing.
Multimedia kiosks is a new resource advantages, integration of industry leading technology development, fully meet the new urbanization, the urban construction of wisdom, and authoritative news public opinion guidance and administrative information public, for the convenience of life etc market need, to launch the public information service platform solution.
According to statistics, the United States has a population of 380 million, 7 million kiosks, an average of 54 per person; Japan has a population of 120 million, 5 million kiosks, an average of 24 per person; Russia has a population of 140 million, 200000 kiosks, each corresponding to an average of 700 people; Than kiosks in China is a big peacock, broad prospects for development, and constantly developing kiosks will bring people more convenient services.

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