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Scope of application of self-service terminals

Release Date:2018-11-12 19:11:36
 Self-service terminals can be implemented including utilities, phone payment, the ticket purchase, welfare lottery ticket purchase, show ticket, train ticket purchase, coupon printing, insurance payment, bank transfer, credit card payments, bank CARDS, inquiry of remaining amount, group purchase, wendyzellner mall and other convenient payment functions. Self-service terminals appearance is concise, round-the-clock self-service and easy touch made great broad consumer daily payment and electronic payment business.
Self-service terminal wireless application trend of digital sign is a kind of brand-new concept of media, is in large department stores, supermarkets, hotel lobby, restaurants, cinemas and other public places, which is full of people through the large screen display equipment, distribution business, financial and entertainment information professional multimedia audio-visual system. Aimed at specific physical location, a specific time period for a specific people to advertising messages broadcast features, let them get the advertising effect. Abroad, there are people with paper media, radio, television and the Internet, call it "the fifth media".
With the development of modern science and technology, the application of the digital display technology will be everywhere. With network (3 g / 4 g wireless networks), multimedia technology integration, released in the form of media processing, timely and customer feedback information interaction, has been widely used in financial, telecommunications, hospitals, stores, supermarkets, hotels, public places and other fields, which has many scattered point features, on the centralized management and maintenance of the higher requirements are put forward.
Digital signage system composition: digital signage system consists of digital signage terminals, H7920 3 g routers and service center of operations management platform of three parts. Among them, the digital signage terminal include terminal controller, and a display terminal, used for operational business machines directly to the end customer.