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Let CHENZHI tell you what self-sevice kiosk is?

Release Time: 11/18/2018 00:10 Views: 696
What self-service terminals that? Self-service terminals fact, most people have used, but it is not very deep understanding, then it do not understand some of the self-service terminals, therefore, the next hearing for everyone Covey introduce self-service terminal: Self-service terminals on a "24-hour self service" for the system design, can ease the traditional problem of excessive flow of the operating room to make up for lack of business hours on the original, to avoid customer in the operating room to conduct business troubles, so that customers feel easy, convenient and considerate service. Self-service terminals operating room is an extension and supplement to the operating room services. In the financial industry users can account inquiry, self-transfer, statement printing, retro, self-report the loss of business transaction; in the communications industry users enter a phone number through the terminal, it can be self-handle phone stop (re) machine, billing inquiry calls print, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, open to stop handling GPRS and other basic services; you can also purchase mobile phone cards, passwords recharge slip. Through value-added development, can also implement other value-added services and other goods purchased by ancillary equipment. The device has to save personnel costs, reduce operating costs, 24 hours of continuous work, error-free operation, etc., can be placed in the telecom business, on behalf of the charge points, railway stations, docks, airports, shopping malls and other public places. Bank of self-service terminals functions are: Account inquiries, transfer buffet change Password Agency business inquiries and payment Banking & Securities inquiries and transfers Ticket printing Self-report the loss Multimedia information query Banking Business Bank image promotion These are self-service terminals for a brief introduction to what is and its function, and now the self-service terminal applications are more widespread and popular, for these basic functions we still need to get to know, if you want to know kiosk believe functions and parameters, views: Shenzhen Chen Zhi Technology Co. official website.