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What’s the kind of self-service kiosks by function

Release Time: 11/12/2018 22:57 Views: 291

Species are more self-service terminals, self-service terminals of each of the different functions are different, so we used the kiosks have? Then and you understand the next:
Self-service terminals according to the functions can be divided into five categories:
1, self-service ticket machine: self-service ticket machine by a microcomputer control system, powerful, flexible configuration, high stability, a two-dimensional bar code printing / activation, card recognition, print bills, bank card identification, PIN pads and other equipment, touch-screen LCD interface can be set up multi-level menu, you can display the contents of the window name and announcements, print flexible editing, real-time statistical reports, can generate a variety of statistical reports.
2, self-service kiosks: refers to self-service terminals have queries and other related information.
3, self-service payment terminals: for the payment function kiosks.
4, Self-Printed terminals: printing capabilities for self-service terminals, self-service terminals such as we saw in the train station ticket printing is one of them.
5, self-recharge terminals: means for recharging our common are China Mobile, China Unicom and other communications equipment companies.
These are the common categories of self-service terminals, these kiosks are also frequently used to us, and for the bank's self-service terminals, we can look at: What are the bank self-service terminals, but also understand the next bank kiosk products.