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Medical self-service terminal how to make an appointment?

Release Time: 11/29/2018 13:14 Views: 106
Hospital registered doctor has always been a big problem in our life, which is "registered", the main reason of this problem is due to the window to register the efficiency is too low, cannot satisfy the needs of a large number of patients, and now have medical self-service terminals, the machine is able to provide you make an appointment, reduce the inefficiency caused by queuing difficult problem, then to get to know the medical self-service terminals make an appointment of a process: The process of medical self-service terminals to make an appointment: 1, can be achieved by the second generation id card, resident card, health card, health card and so on in the medical self-service terminals to make an appointment, such as id card to make an appointment. 2, according to clew, the second generation id card induction flat on id card, and then medical self-service terminals can to recognize. 3, choose need reservation department, if there is a sub department department, department to be choose. 4, select the required doctor's appointments. 5, determine the time of diagnosis, if there is time, source, needs to further choose of time. 6, determine the diagnosis information. In July and end of the booking process. Medical patients with the emergence of self-service terminal is more convenient for users to register on line, try to avoid "hard" registered "to see a doctor difficult" problem.